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Monday, August 7th, 2006

Lollapalooza Saturday was quite excellent. Mike and I met up in the early afternoon and saw the Go! Team. They put on a good show with their catchy tunes and pep rally style energy. After that, we saw Oh No! Oh My! Then we got some smoothies at Maui Wowee. Then we caught a little bit of Wolfmother. I thought they were ok, but a bit boring. After a couple songs, we left to go check out Particle. Particle is this cool jam band with a sick keyboardist who looks like Jesus. Much of their music has a techno dynamic, which is interesting, considering their traditional, non-computerized setup. They did a sweet jam cover of National Anthem. We weren’t sure if it was a cover or a rip off until after about 5 minutes when the lyrics kicked in. After that we went to the stage where Sonic Youth was playing and the Flaming Lips would be playing next. Neither of us are big Sonic Youth fans, so we sat on the grass way in the back and chatted. As soon as the SY finished, we muscled our way toward the front of the stage. We got about thirty feet away from the stage. We had to wait there for an hour and it was hot and smelly, but definitely worth it, of course. I didn’t take my camera, but here are some good pictures from the Chicagoist.

207804080_8ff1f177571.jpg 207804172_3debb9b9b8.jpg

The show commences when Wayne crowd surfs in his bubble.

207804278_9cc150b8ec.jpg 207805037_aa2ef1e31e.jpg 207806552_aaede5a14c.jpg

Dancers. [ Not pictured: 6 santa clauses, Batman, Superman, the Flash, and a Sign Language interpreter. ]

Wayne played this guitar with two strings and stuff mounted on it. I Wondered what the stuff was. I found the answer here:

Wayne, what’s the deal with that acoustic guitar you play onstage? It has a synthesizer mounted in the soundhole and a bunch of strings missing.

Coyne: That Alvarez 12-string is the first guitar I ever bought, and, onstage, I just use it as a prop—like Elvis Presley. I stuck an Alesis Air Synth in the soundhole, which has some great sound-shaping effects you can manipulate by waving your hand over it like a Theremin. I occasionally play Steven’s guitars, but mostly I’m blowing up balloons and playing that silly acoustic guitar. I’m trying to do something that looks cool onstage, whereas Steven can actually play.

After that, we got some more smoothies, then caught a little bit of Manu Chao, then left. Excellent day.

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