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Bachelor Party

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Finally, I present: the bachelor party jam session of October 12, 2007 featuring AJ on drums and Gino on vocals, guitar, and iPhone. What a fun night. Great drumming by AJ, hilarious spoken-word interjections by Gino. I had a ball with that synthesizer. I’m so glad I have a recording of this night and I thank AJ very much for recording and mixing it.

Highlights (imho):

0104 John Titor’s Funkadelic Time Machine.mp3 — A voyage through time and space… and funk.

0106 Pot Roast.mp3 — The Pot Roast was cookin’ and we were jammin’. Actually, the Pork Roast was cookin’, but we were still jammin’. (video)

0111 I’ll Follow You Into the Dark.mp3 — Unfortunately, we didn’t get a recording of me playing this at the wedding, but this was a pretty good practice run.

0202 Subtle Waves.mp3 — Quiet, very low key jam.

206 Take a Seat Trip John.mp3 — AJ came up with this name. He has no idea what it means either.

208 Sudden Disco Jam Pt 2.mp3 — Wild o_0

0302 The Same Old Town Is Nowhere to Hide.mp3 — Pretty good, happy jam.

0306 Bachelor Party Anthem.mp3 — Inspired by the advice of a demented elf.

0316 Wicked Little Town.mp3 — Gino solo, totally rockin’ the Hedwig.

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